Everything you need to start selling smarter today.

SalesforceIQ can be set up in minutes, so you can put Relationship Intelligence technology to work for you and start closing more deals.


Get set up in minutes.

Just connect SalesforceIQ to your email account and that’s it. You’re up and running.

  • Capture all your customer communication automatically.

    Data is automatically captured and synced from your inbound and outbound emails, your calendar, and your smartphone calls. And all your communication is instantly analyzed to serve up powerful Relationship Intelligence so that you can sell smarter.

  • Personalize SalesforceIQ to match your sales process.

    With SalesforceIQ, your CRM solution works the way you do. It’s easy to tailor it to match your workflow and update what you track in your sales pipeline as you grow.


Spend your time where it matters most.

SalesforceIQ intelligently filters your opportunities and surfaces the deals that need your attention most.

  • Prioritize your opportunities with intelligence.

    Your communication exchanges are automatically captured from emails, meetings, and calls to surface important relationship insights and details to help you prepare for the next customer opportunity. SalesforceIQ will alert you when an opportunity needs attention with intelligence fields like inactive days.

  • Get immediate insights out of the box.

    SalesforceIQ reports automatically surface the insights teams need to sell smarter. Whether you’re looking at the overall health of the business or finding opportunities to improve your sales performance, you’ll always have fresh data right at your fingertips.

  • Get to decision-makers faster.

    SalesforceIQ shows you if other team members have interacted with a contact before, when they did, and how often — allowing you to get warm introductions you would not have found otherwise.


Sell smarter from anywhere.

The SalesforceIQ mobile app and Chrome extension provide instant access to all of your CRM data, right from your inbox.

  • See essential customer data in your inbox.

    Get the context you need to sell smarter from your inbox. On every email, SalesforceIQ surfaces relevant customer data so you can craft the perfect response. You can also prep for your next meeting as you go with a stream view of past communication history.

  • Stay on top of every deal.

    With SalesforceIQ, it’s easy to keep all of your deals moving forward, from anywhere. Predictive notifications surface important emails in need of immediate reply. And email shortcuts and dynamic scheduling eliminate the busywork, so you focus on what’s important: your customers.


Try free for 14 days.

Get started with SalesforceIQ CRM today. When you sign up for a free trial, SalesforceIQ connects directly to your email so you can get set up in minutes. With Relationship Intelligence at your fingertips, you can start selling smarter right away.


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