SOS is changing the way companies provide in-app mobile support, with live agent video support, screen sharing, and on-screen guided assistance.

The future of in-app mobile support is here.

  • Go beyond traditional support channels.

    Provide personalised customer service that surpasses what your competitors can deliver. With SOS, you can embed live one-way video, two-way audio, and on-screen annotation in any mobile app to create an engaging and memorable service experience for your customers.

  • Diagnose and solve customer issues in real time.

    Time is critical when it comes to customer care. It’s simple: Faster support is more satisfying for the customer and saves your company money. Agents can diagnose and solve problems anytime and anywhere. With SOS, a one-to-one connection with your customer is only one click away.

  • Get instant customer context for seamless service.

    You can customise and configure SOS to create a rich experience that maps to the core properties of your brand. Improve customer interactions with a seamless native approach that will revolutionise the way your customers think about customer service.


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