Go faster with your Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Accelerators offer Premier Success customers a fast path to results with targeted engagements that solve specific business challenges.


Introducing Salesforce Accelerators.

Your business is unique — so are your challenges. Introducing Salesforce Accelerators: Packaged services delivered by dedicated specialists to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment. Our portfolio of Accelerators are designed to solve key business challenges:

  • Reduce costs.

    Benefit from increased efficiency of your Salesforce implementation.

  • Increase revenue.

    Grow your topline by realizing the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

  • Minimize operating costs.

    Run your Salesforce implementation more efficiently.

  • Gain business insights.

    Get data-driven, customer insights to inform your business decisions.

  • Achieve faster ROI.

    Minimize deployment costs and become operational faster.

  • Premier Points: The Accelerator Currency

    We’re introducing an innovative, simplified way for customers to consume Premier services and solve key business challenges — fast. Premier Points are the new currency used to redeem Accelerators. Points are exchanged for Accelerators in increments of 5, 10, and 20 points, based on the length and complexity of the engagement. For example, 5-point Accelerators can often be completed remotely in just a few hours, while 20-point Accelerators are longer engagements.

  • Call your account executive for details on your Premier Point balance, and to discuss which Accelerators are right for your business.


Accelerators by Cloud

Targeted engagements, delivered by elite specialists to help you get faster results from your Salesforce implementation.

  • Sales Cloud Accelerators

    Sales Cloud Dashboard: Increase revenue, gain business insights.

    Leverage our team of experts to quickly create a killer dashboard that allows for real-time decision-making, increased pipeline, and accelerated sales cycles.


    Sales Cloud Marketing Dashboard: Increase revenue.

    Extract greater insights from your marketing data. Track your most important KPIs with a dashboard that helps generate better-qualified marketing leads and monitors campaign ROI.


    Work.com Custom Recognition Badge: Increase revenue.

    Inspire your entire sales organization. Our specialists will provide recommendations for creating a recognition program that helps celebrate success, reinforce winning behavior, and strengthen team culture.


  • Community Cloud Accelerators

    Community Cloud Framework Design: Achieve faster ROI.

    Create an engaging, branded community experience for your customers by utilizing the Community Designer with expert help from our specialists.


    Chatter Adoption for Employees: Achieve faster ROI.

    Drive increased collaboration across your organization. Salesforce specialists will help you configure Chatter so that it works best for you, connecting employees with the files, data, and experts they need to work more effectively.


    Chatter for Sales Managers: Increase revenue.

    Make selling a team sport. Our team of specialists will equip sales managers and their teams with best practices on how to use Chatter to close deals faster.



  • Service Cloud Accelerators

    Service Cloud Console Design: Reduce costs.

    Our specialists will help create a customized Service Cloud console interface, so your agents can quickly access key data and case resolution tools.


    Service Cloud Dashboard: Reduce costs, gain business insights.

    Get real-time visibility into customer service KPIs. Salesforce specialists will help you design a dashboard that’s completely customized to your business and built around your desired metrics.


  • Marketing Cloud Accelerators

    Data Import Configuration and Automation: Minimize operating costs.

    Get new data into Marketing Cloud to drive your campaigns. Our specialists will implement and automate a data import so that you have a foundation to create additional imports on your own.


    Email Segmentation Configuration and Automation: Get fast returns.

    Deliver more personalized and targeted email campaigns. Our specialists will configure and automate an email campaign based on a new or existing subscriber segmentation specific to your business needs.


    Reporting Configuration and Automation: Gain business insights.

    Work one-on-one with a Salesforce specialist to configure, automate, and deliver any one of our 25 Marketing Cloud reports.



Apps and Platform Accelerators

Informed by 16 years of customer success, these Accelerators deliver the outcomes your business demands, across multiple Salesforce products.

  • Introduction to Governance: Reduce costs, minimize operating costs.

    Develop a governance framework to more effectively manage your Salesforce solution. Our specialists will provide insights from thousands of successful deployments to help you draft a governance charter tailored to your business objectives.


  • Design a Center of Excellence: Minimize operating costs.

    Together with our specialists, you’ll create 30-, 60-, or 90-day implementation plans for a Salesforce Center of Excellence framework to address challenges such as minimizing risk, managing complexity, and aligning projects to strategic organizational goals.


  • Salesforce1 Mobile App Design: Minimize operating costs.

    Run your business on your phone with a custom Salesforce1 Mobile App. Salesforce specialists will design a custom proof of concept for your app that will allow your team to be more productive while on the go.



  • Salesforce1 Mobile App Adoption: Achieve faster ROI.

    Increase your team’s usage of Salesforce, so they can get more done. Our proven methodology will show you the most effective ways to use the Salesforce1 Mobile App to extend your business, from outlining measurable goals to developing processes that drive companywide adoption.


  • Salesforce Sandbox Design: Achieve faster ROI.

    Create a more efficient sandbox environment to support multiple development teams and a consistent release cadence for your Salesforce implementation.



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This free webinar, “Introducing Salesforce Accelerators,” is the fastest way to get to know Accelerators. We’ll explain how to use Accelerators to achieve your business goals, and how to best engage with Salesforce specialists to get the results you want.


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