The world’s #1 enterprise cloud is built for government.


The Salesforce Advantage

Salesforce Government Cloud Lightning gives departments and agencies modern tools that empower more responsive teams, capable of delivering a more impactful mission, thanks to three key strategies:



Our complete solution portfolio is brought to life by our innovative ecosystem, addressing the unique needs that drive government missions.


Blanket purchase agreements make it easier for you to work with Salesforce and see benefits, faster. You focus on the mission. We focus on the process.


Salesforce is continually investing in the industry’s top compliance certifications, ensuring solutions on our platform meet the highest standards.


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Enterprises are modernizing operations, turning technology transitions into financial success. The same best practices can deliver mission success.

Government Contractors

Untangle LPTA challenges, outperform the competition, and realize greater potential as you use cloud to navigate the dichotomous contracting environment.


Department of Defense

Share more contextual data while streamlining communications. With cloud at the base of your mission, improve accuracy without sacrificing speed.


States are facing a new paradigm as technology, tenacity, and determination drive innovation — innovation that redefines what it means to grow.



Tech trends are transforming cities. This is an opportunity to better connect people to government, building a new foundation for your mission.




Salesforce adds value for Texas on a daily basis.”

Todd Kimbriel | Chief Operating Officer, Texas DIR

Salesforce has solutions designed to fit your mission.

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