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Power retail success now

Power retail success now.


Drive costs down and loyalty up with shoppers at the center of every experience.


Automate seamless buying and service experiences.

Connect experiences and serve customers across channels.

Activate data in real-time to personalize engagement

Leverage insights to win new customers and earn loyalty by accessing and optimizing your customer data.

Empower store associates with customer and inventory intelligence.

Empower your associates with the digital tools and data needed to drive efficiency and improve service.

See how Herman Miller ensures that every customer experience is well designed.


Explore our shopping forecasts and holiday insights, powered by over 1 billion global shoppers.


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CRM for Retail FAQs


What does CRM mean in retail?

Efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for retail incorporates analytics technology, customer engagement tools, AI, automation, and personalization to help retailers create seamless customer journeys that win shopper loyalty.

Do retail stores use CRM?

Technology like a unified CRM can help you connect your digital and physical retail channels, allowing for the creation of a single view of the customer.

What is multi-channel customer service?

Multi-channel customer service is when a company communicates with a customer via multiple channels, including in-store, via the phone, on social media, or in emails.