Extra Care to Make Every Moment Count

Learn how Salesforce helps you dig a little deeper into your customer base and create personalized retail experiences across channels.


Extra Shopper Satisfaction Brought to You by Data in Action


Know What to Expect

Using data from shoppers around the world, we’ve put together our top insights so you know what to expect in the coming months.

Make Every Moment Special

As you plan for the busiest time of year, Salesforce can help you understand what your customers need and expect.

Prepare for a Different Holiday Season

Learn more about the top trends that can make or break the holidays and how we can help you navigate through it.

Be There for Customers All Year Long

Let’s dive into how personalization throughout the year will bring you new customers and keep them coming back for more.



Reaching Your Audience

Use AI to put yourself in shoppers’ shoes and create targeted and tailored communications that drive sales.


Focus Your Advertising

Gather, unify, and act on your customer data, reaching the right people with the right product at the right time. Learn more about our Audience Studio solution.

Streamline Your Data

See how you can optimize and improve campaigns with real time data aggregated all in one place.


Building a Relationship

Draw customers in with personalized attention, such as abandoned cart and save- the-sale-messaging, to guide them toward purchase and repurchase.


Welcome Your Customers

Onboard new customers with contextual messaging to lead them down the funnel. See how brands like Bella+Canvas created a successful welcome series amid change.

Keep Them Coming Back

Learn how our Personalized Shopper Marketing solution uses AI to help you understand shopper intent and respond in real-time with relevant offers.


Securing the Sale

Look under the hood of the world’s #1 CRM platform and see how flexibility allows customers to be in control of their shopping experience.


Create a Seamless Experience

Convert more shoppers with smarter search, product recommendations, and premium service. Learn how the Connect Commerce Everywhere solution allows you to be there for your customers every time.

Start Selling Online – Fast

Join us for a conversation with GE and KIND Snacks to learn how you can rapidly build an ecommerce solution to bring your business online.


Earning Their Loyalty

Help agents do more in every engagement opportunity to not only answer service requests but bring in more sales.


Meet Customers Where They Are

Support your customers with tools that help you connect with customers across multiple channels, so they can get service where they want, when they want. Check out our Deliver Any Channel Service solution to learn more.

Engage During the Holidays

Learn how you can deliver service experiences that shoppers will love during the busiest time of year.

For adidas, the most important store in the world is our dot-com site. Period. And Salesforce is an important partner in executing on it”