Retail Loyalty Software

Acquire and Engage Loyal Customers

Access and optimize customer data to personalize engagement and build lifelong loyalty.

Discover how e.l.f. Cosmetics drives personalized engagement with 1-to-1 journeys.

As customers continue to shop with us, Einstein learns more about them and makes their experience even more refined and targeted.”


Learn how Loyalty Management can help create customers for life.


What’s included in this solution

Marketing Cloud lets you personalize customer experiences and optimize each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.
Service Cloud allows you to automate your processes, streamline your workflows, and deploy the right agent at the right time.
Loyalty Management lets you build intelligent B2B and B2C loyalty programs that are flexible, configurable, and rapidly deployable.

Explore the advantages of Salesforce for Retail.


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Build the Right Business Relationships for Retail

Transform your marketing interaction by personalizing and engaging shoppers to build better business relationships with customers. Elevate engagement and increase conversions using the power of data science to deliver tailored content to unknown shoppers.