Revenue recognition principles and the rules for how you price and bundle products are about to change. Follow along as Jim Neesen of the Connor Group explains what's at stake and how you can turn the new, global accounting standards to your advantage. 
ASC 606 impacts how companies go to market across the board — touching everything from packaging and pricing to deal and commission structures. 
Watch a joint webinar with the Connor Group to learn more about ASC 606, how it impacts your sales and revenue operations, and if revenue-recognition software is right for you.
Discover the art and science of revenue automation under ASC 606. 
Find the best process to manage all the data you'll need to automate revenue under ASC 606. 
Finance teams have been busy for months getting their organizations ready for the switch, but did you know that it affects sales teams too?
Learn how modern companies leverage quote-to-cash to streamline their quotes, contracts, renewals, and more. 
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