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AI is the new Wild West, and everyone has questions about it: Like, what are the bad guys doing with our customer data? How can we keep it from being shared or stolen? What can we do to ensure trusted outputs?

That’s why we created Salesforce AI, so you can safely become an AI enterprise. It’s powerful, reliable, and totally private. So your data stays your data.

Because if you ask us, there’s one resource that’s even more valuable than data: TRUST.

Bringing trust to AI.

As you venture into the Wild West of generative AI, these three considerations will help you ensure that trust always stays in the saddle:

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Trusted Data

AI needs accurate data to produce quality output. Give AI what it needs to succeed by combining company-specific knowledge (like a CRM) with unified, real-time data and external data, collected via integration tools.

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Trusted Architecture

It’s critical to build in privacy and security from the start. Use a platform that offers data access controls, data masking for confidential information, and zero retention to prevent AI from storing proprietary prompts.

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Trusted Experiences

When trust is baked into AI, when data is secured by the right tools, you can foster long-term relationships with both customers and employees who feel confident about the safety of their information.

Get answers from experts and business leaders on trusted AI.

While others are in a blind rush to throw AI at every problem, we’re entering this transformation with our eyes open. That means asking the important questions on everyone’s mind. Questions of trust. Data privacy. Security. Bias. And more.

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Unlock the potential of trusted AI with Salesforce.

At Salesforce, trust and AI go hand in hand. We are committed to earning and maintaining customer trust by providing accurate, secure, transparent, empowering, and ethical AI solutions that drive your business forward.

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