Salesforce and AWS announce new expansive partnership to unify developer experiences.

Quickly build and deploy powerful new business applications that accelerate digital transformation with the latest innovations from Salesforce and AWS. In pilot now - contact your account rep to get started.

Unify Developer Experiences - In Pilot Now

Streamline development from concept to launch.

Get low-code, pro-code, and click-to-launch developer tools that make it easy to build personalized experiences.

Unleash the power of customer data with real-time events.

Natively connect real-time data and events and securely move them between Salesforce and AWS.

Build modern applications faster and easier.

Virtualize data from AWS services, like Amazon RDS or Amazon S3, in Salesforce objects for low-code development.

Simplify authentication and identity.

Sign into AWS from Salesforce Setup or into Salesforce from the Amazon Management Console to simplify service authorization, user identity, security, and governance between Salesforce and AWS.

New Intelligent Applications - Coming Soon

Unlock new value in less time.

Use out-of-the-box applications from Salesforce and AWS for voice, video, and productivity — all infused with AI and real-time interactions.

Connect easily with voice services.

Run virtual call centers and sales teams with Amazon Connect and AWS AI/ML services pre-integrated into Salesforce Customer 360 Sales and Service.

Run meetings with built-in video apps.

Power virtual sales meetings and virtual support with Amazon Chime and AWS AI/ML services pre-integrated into Customer 360 Sales and Service.

Get tailored, industry applications.

Access industry-specific capabilities by bringing AWS AI/ML capabilities into Salesforce Industry Clouds, starting with Salesforce Virtual Care for Salesforce Health Cloud.

Explore All Offerings

See what's currently available from Salesforce and AWS.


Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect

Integrate cloud telephony alongside digital conversations within Customer 360 Service.

Private Connect and Amazon AppFlow

Create private bidirectional connections between Salesforce and AWS without exposing data.

Government Cloud Plus

Learn more about the most trusted CRM for government, built on AWS GovCloud (U.S.).

Intelligent Document Automation

Digitize document management processes across industries including Healthcare, Public Sector, and Financial Services.

Tableau on AWS

Unlock self-service analytics in the cloud. Seamlessly perform data collection, transformation, storage, and analysis.

MuleSoft and AWS

Connect your AWS services and apps with data from 200+ systems — cloud, SaaS, legacy, EDI, or on-premises.

Learn In-Demand Skills

Get the skills you need to take your career to new heights.

AWS and Salesforce are committed to addressing the growing technology skills gap and to empower anyone — with any education level or background — to learn skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Stay ahead — the easy way.

Get everything you need to tackle the most in-demand jobs across the Salesforce ecosystem and AWS ecosystem on Trailhead.

Earn resume-worthy credentials.

Get noticed by employers seeking top-notch candidates with AWS skills.

Connect to new networking opportunities.

Find career-building opportunities from mentorship to employment in the Trailblazer Community.

Learn more about the partnership.



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