Welcome To the Age of the Patient

It’s never been a more exciting time to be in healthcare. The shift to value-based care is creating an opportunity for providers to create meaningful patient relationships that last. The question of course is “How?” How can providers transform the way they find, attract, and connect with patients in a whole new way?

In this patient video journey, see how Salesforce can help you manage patient relationships from initial acquisition, service, care management, and ongoing engagement.




As patients bring consumer expectations to healthcare, providers are increasingly focused on marketing and brand promotion. Providers want to attract new patients and referrals, and need to use multiple channels including physician referrals, digital marketing, and traditional ads. See how Salesforce can help drive patient acquisition across every channel.




In most cases, the contact center is the front door to a healthcare organization. Whether a patient calls about a referral, an existing appointment, or other programs and services, your team needs to have the confidence to address every question with the highest level of satisfaction. See how with Salesforce you can make a great impression with intelligent, personalized support.



Care Management

As people live longer and priorities for care evolve, managing care is becoming increasingly networked and complex. Healthcare organizations are being asked to create care plans that can be shared between providers, patients, and families. With Salesforce, see how care coordinators can access the complete patient story, collaborate with anyone on the care team, and engage patients and families with ease.




It’s been proven that proactive patient engagement can lead to lower cost of care and better outcomes. Giving patients the tools to keep track of care outside of the doctor’s office makes it easier for them to adhere to their care plan and stay on the path to better outcomes. See how with Salesforce you can keep up with changing patient expectations by providing engagement on every channel including text, email, and mobile apps.


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