manufacturing digital bootcamp

Learn everything you need to plan and execute on your B2B commerce strategy.

Hands-on tools. Practical guidance. Get what you need to bring digital commerce into your business.

Join our fun, free 3-part course.

Ready to enable a digital sales channel, but not sure where to get started? The Manufacturing Digital Bootcamp can help.

Specifically designed for manufacturers interested in establishing and growing a B2B commerce channel, this course gives you what you need to solidify your B2B commerce strategy, identify ways to get started, and get buy-in for your program.

Dedicate three total hours across three lessons. Come away with the tools you need to build a 7-part business plan, 90-day roadmap, and robust business case.


Register for all three lessons to start shaping the future of commerce at your company.


lesson 1 | on-demand

Strategizing for the Digitally-Connected Future of Manufacturing

Learn the four key principles for a successful digital strategy. Work through a quick assessment sheet to visualize your way forward and hear from successful customers.
(45 minutes)

lesson 2 | on demand

Building the Ideal Parts Business Model

Learn the framework behind a manufacturing parts business model. Leverage a planning workbook to create your 7-part commerce strategy and start building your 90-day plan.
(1 hour)

lesson 3 | on demand

Creating a Business Case for B2B Commerce

Develop your business case in support of B2B Commerce. Learn how to use tools from Forrester Research to justify your commerce initiative and build organizational momentum.
(1 hour)