Complete analytics built on the world's #1 CRM.

Take off with Tableau CRM and go beyond business intelligence software with A.I. augmented analytics for every industry and business user.


Spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and more with Tableau CRM.


Automate Discovery

Discover the story your data has to tell.

Automatically find simple answers to complex business questions in your data. Learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it with transparent, understandable AI models.

Focus On Outcomes

Identify how to achieve all of your business goals.

Get the exact information you need by tailoring analytics to your business. Improve any business outcome with precise recommendations and specific guidance.

Unify on one platform

Visualize your entire business on a single screen.

Avoid needing multiple systems and logins. Create complete visualizations, predictions, insights, and more by bringing all your data — even from external systems — onto a single platform.

Take Instant Action

Always know the specific steps to take next.

Take instant action from the point of insight, like collaborating in Chatter, updating records, and sharing dashboards.

Build With Clicks

Easily create AI models, dashboards, and more.

Don't spend hours coding, or waiting in the IT queue. Create advanced experiences quickly by using easily customizable templates, third-party apps, or custom-built dashboards.