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Formula 1® wows fans with Salesforce.

From race day experiences to real-time personalization, F1® uses the power of Customer 360 to deliver connected moments that wow every fan and grow the sport worldwide.

Give every fan a front-row seat to the action.

F1® keeps fans fired up with personalization based on their location, the types of content they like, and their favorite driver.
F1 Fan saying Ready for your McLaren watch party?

F1® utilizes all of their channels to create real-time fan journeys full of one-of-a-kind offers, genuine interactions, and exclusive deals.
F1 Fan saying You won an extra hour at the arcade

F1® offers meaningful interactions, at the exact right time, to turn new fans into loyal ones and fuel sustained growth worldwide.
F1 Fan saying you've unlocked a race-worn helmet.

A formula for success: Know your fans. Grow your fan base. Repeat.

Watch the trailer to see how F1® uses real-time data insights to create digital and in-person experiences that engage its ever-growing audience.

Data tells the fan story behind the glory.

It’s clear: the first race of the season is special. Here’s looking at you, Bahrain.

Oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-that? When something happens during a race, F1® fans react in real time.

Drivers are the most talked about by a mile, followed by F1® news, race action, and teams.

“With over 500 million fans worldwide, how do we understand who they are and continue to grow that audience? It’s those personalized journeys and always-on capabilities.”

Matthew Kemp, Senior CRM & Customer Service Ops Manager, F1

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The F1® fan experience goes from 0 to 360 with the right tools.

F1® relies on Customer 360 for the real-time insights and actionable data it needs to put fans in the cockpit. With this suite of tools, F1® can turbocharge every interaction to wow fans whether they’re at the track, at home, or on the go. Are you ready to deliver more wow moments to your customers? Customer 360, the world’s first real-time CRM, is here to help.

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McLaren Formula 1 Team

McLaren Racing partners with Salesforce to wow fans worldwide.

Find out how McLaren Racing is using Salesforce technology to grow its global fan base.

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