A relationship for your customer relationships.

We are bringing Salesforce + Google to you. Tune in to our new on-demand event to hear from product experts and thought leaders, plus get practical tips on how to adapt and innovate for your business, and better know your customers.

Armita Peymandoust
VP, Product Management
Leah McGowen-Hare
VP,  Trailblazer Community
and Trailhead Evangelism
Marco Amitrano
Head of Clients
and Markets
Angela Wu
Lead Analyst
Marketing Analytics
Sudhir Hasbe
Director of Product Management
Google Cloud
Austin Tam
Senior Director
Product Management
Hannah Brown
Senior Director
Strategic Partnerships
Mike Hoody
Advisory Partner
Madeleine Corneli
Product Manager
Tableau Software

Innovate for your business and better know your customers.

Enhance Your Marketing

Meet the match made in marketing heaven.

Drive smarter engagement with your customers by connecting Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud with Google Analytics 360.

Find the right audience, and guide each one on personalized journeys with your brand.

Create audiences in Analytics 360, and trigger personalized journeys for them in Marketing Cloud. Plus, use Audience Match in Ad Studio to align messages in search, display, and social ads.

Optimize content and media by centralizing all your customer data.

Track sales journeys across different campaigns and channel types by integrating Marketing Cloud customer data with Analytics 360. Refine media positioning based on content statistics and customer engagement data.

Inspire clicks and conversions when you know your customer and understand their experience.

Tailor web content, offers, and promotions based on email and mobile data using Optimize 360, Google’s website experimentation and personalization tool. See when customers visit and browse your website, and understand why they convert.

Identify your best channels to get the best results from your marketing.

Learn exactly what’s working by seeing all your Marketing Cloud data in Google Analytics 360. Inform your campaigns using that data in your Journey Builder dashboard. Show how how well you know your customers by meeting them on their preferred channel at the right time.

Conagra brands is a Trailblazer

Conagra grows iconic brands with Salesforce and Google.


Surface Intelligent Insights

Make connections on the connected platform.

Provide AI-powered customer experiences when you integrate with Google Cloud.

Support customers with multi-language bot experiences.

Extend the power of Einstein Bots by integrating with Google’s Dialogflow to power more intelligent customer interactions in over 20 languages.

Visualize big data insights.

Provide your business users with rich data insights within Salesforce by connecting Einstein Analytics and BigQuery.

Increase Productivity

This is one productive pairing.

Streamline your team's workflow by connecting Google Workspace with the #1 CRM from Salesforce to better know your customer and understand their needs.

Start fast with Salesforce Essentials and Google Workspace.

Accelerate productivity, automate tasks, and organize events by connecting Google Workspace and Salesforce Essentials, the #1 CRM. 

Bring the power of CRM to your email and calendar.

Connect contacts, accounts, records, and opportunities by syncing your AI-powered CRM to Gmail and Calendar.

Explore Google Workspace files right in your CRM.

Keep your files in the context of how you know and manage your customer records by integrating Drive with the Salesforce Platform.

Seamlessly integrate your CRM with Sheets.

Easily manage CRM data using bi-directional sync capabilities between Salesforce and Sheets.


How to know your customers better and take relationships to the next level.



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