Innovation Management for DoD

Salesforce Innovation Management automates the collaboration between the Department of Defense and industry. Working together on a single platform creates scalable, cost effective, and mission-critical defense products.


Support tomorrow’s warfighter today.

To maintain our nation’s competitive military advantage, the Department of Defense relies on technical innovation from a range of internal and external sources through the department and industrial base. Salesforce Innovation Management maximizes industry exposure and simplifies engagement to drive rapid technology acquisition.

Make better decisions.

Have internal and external stakeholders access the same, real-time information to improve critical technology decisions.

Increase speed to market.

Automate workflow to drive progress and pinpoint roadblocks through every phase of the acquisition cycle.

Collaborate with ease.


Work with traditional defense leaders and garage innovators to define problems and refine requirements. Engage in continuous information sharing and two-way dialogue.



Industry Drivers

The shifting landscape requires a more agile process than what exists today. Despite a $582.7 billion budget, the Department of Defense’s current acquisition processes hinder the ability to provide timely military capabilities to the warfighter.

Communication barriers

Limited and outdated ways of interacting with industry narrows DoD’s view of possible technology solutions.

Refined requirements

Successful IT launches depend on properly defined and scoped requirements. In the last ten years, the Pentagon has spent $46 billion on cancelled weapon system programs.


Agile, cloud-based platforms eliminate the need for DoD’s 16 disparate, on-prem solutions. Flexible systems are required to unify all Innovation Programs and to rapidly generate, validate and implement solutions.

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