Workforce Development

Salesforce’s workforce CRM, workflow, and reporting solution empowers job-seekers, employers, staff, and stakeholders to succeed. Agencies can now enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of workforce services.


Deliver a job-ready workforce.

Legacy systems and processes are constraining delivery of a job-ready workforce. Using industry best practices and the cloud, you can connect your workforce to the right employment. Simultaneously drive mission success for your agencies, teams, job seekers and providers.

Align to legislature.

The WIOA legislative mandate is changing the game. Move quicker with an approved, secure platform.

Reduce friction.

Avoid the headache of complicated solutions by moving to the cloud, and increasing time-to-action.

Fix aging workflow.

Reduce your costs, deploy rapidly, and increase time-to-value for your employees and agencies.

Industry Drivers

Change in legislature increases state reliance on time-to-action, accessibility, and measurability. To produce more efficient workflows, agencies, employees, and other stakeholders are turning to the cloud.


Aging systems and workflows are hampering the delivery of a job-ready workforce. An increased emphasis on modernization is bringing workforce development to the 21st century.

Skills Gap

In a rapidly rebounding economy, the industry must keep up with workforce needs while addressing critical skill gaps. Agencies must be able to assess the demand of their stakeholders, and deliver agile workforce programs.

Resource Constraints

Resource constrained environments need low footprint, high impact, modern systems. Rapid development and low up-front IT cost enable agencies to deliver effectively on their missions.

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