Make smarter decisions faster than ever with Salesforce and IBM.


See how AI surfaces actionable insights for your industry.


Transform your contact center with AI.

Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson provide tailored AI capabilities that are redefining contact center workflows. Together, they unify bodies of knowledge from disparate data sources, helping support agents solve cases faster.

Get unified intelligence across your organization.

Redefine agent-to-customer conversations with predictive insights, powered by Watson APIs for unstructured data and Salesforce Einstein for customer data.

Find solutions tailored to your industry.

Learn how the combined power of Salesforce and IBM can bring AI and machine learning solutions to your industry. We’re changing how people work, sharing our trusted insights to make your customer interactions smarter, easier, and more personalized.

Realize your vision with digital transformation.

Take advantage of the deep expertise of Bluewolf, an IBM company, which helps clients rapidly deploy the combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities. Bluewolf continues to develop industry-specific processes that speed up adoption of these cognitive applications.


Learn how AI is powering the future of business.



Read IBM CMO Michelle Peluso’s article about how AI is changing the role of the marketer.


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