We're building a better feedback platform: the new IdeaExchange.

The new IdeaExchange will be more actionable and transparent. You’ll have a stronger voice in our product planning process, and we can prioritize features together.

After 12+ years of feedback, we've accomplished a lot together.

We built the IdeaExchange in 2006 to give community members like you a hand in shaping our product strategy. Since then, your feedback has been instrumental in improving Salesforce products.

Soon, you’ll be able to give us feedback on a more actionable IdeaExchange.

We're committed to having a meaningful dialogue with our Ohana about the direction of our products, and the new IdeaExchange is central to this. Our team is working hard to create a modern feedback platform.

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The IdeaExchange is a place where members of our community can suggest and vote on the new product features they want us to build. It was launched in 2006, and has been an integral part of Salesforce’s commitment to transparency and customer success.

However, over the years, our product portfolio and size of our community have grown. The IdeaExchange hasn’t scaled with that growth, and it’s left members of our community wondering if we are still listening.

We are, and we’re doing something about it. We are working with our Trailblazers to build a new IdeaExchange experience. It will be a place for impactful discussions where together, we can prioritize our product roadmap.

The new experience will focus on:

  1. More meaningful votes. Boundaries will be placed on votes to help bring attention to the ideas and features that are most important to the community.

  2. More context for features. Not all features are the same size. With more information, you can evaluate features much like our product managers do and help prioritize the roadmap.

  3. Greater transparency. Expect more consistency about where an idea is in the planning process or why it currently isn’t being considered for the roadmap.

We plan to introduce the new IdeaExchange at Dreamforce 2019.

While we rebuild, the current IdeaExchange will remain available. You can still participate by submitting ideas and by voting, and our product managers will continue to deliver features. In the spirit of transparency, we will provide in-depth updates on the top open ideas through a blog series. Read the first post.

Please join the IdeaExchange Community Group for more information and details on how to participate in and improve the new experience.