Welcome to Stage 2 of your sales journey: Productivity.

Ready to revolutionize your productivity? See why Amazon is a Trailblazer.


It’s not just a CRM system. It’s a platform that we can use to build all the functionality that we need.

Ariel Kelman | CMO, Amazon Web Services

Stage 2: Gear up your team to take productivity to a higher peak.

Sell faster and remove barriers to closing. Discover four ways to give reps more time to sell and fewer hurdles to jump.

Did you hear that? It’s another rep yelling about the quality of leads. Show your reps how to be their own marketers who can identify hot leads fast, and nurture the rest with marketing automation. 
How much time do your reps spend on their phones? Give them uninterrupted access to all their sales data on every device and they’ll send productivity soaring. Then add CRM data to email to save even more time. 
How big an impact does your channel make? How much larger would it be if your partners had immediate access to accounts, contacts, and pipeline. Give every partner, distributor and reseller one place to find every answer.
Help more deals get over the finish line faster by adding a revenue-management solution that speeds your sales process right through to cash. Automate product configuration, quoting, and proposal development. Win fast and close faster.  
Keep going to transform your sales org. 

Outfit your team with tools, techniques, and tips to boost productivity.

Smarten up your mobile sales strategy.
Less searching, more selling.
Accelerate from quote to cash.
Fill your pipeline faster.
Want to sell faster? Get closer to marketing.
Achieve seamless partner management.

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