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Carlos Brito

CEO, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Making better predictions.


Michelle Peluso


Enabling a better understanding.


Michael Corbat

CEO, Citi

Simplifying our lives.


Dan Helfrich

CEO, Deloitte Consulting

Creating a better society.


Carla Hassan

Chief Brand Officer, Citi

Holding ourselves accountable.


Thomas Wilson

CEO, Allstate

Getting you out of your comfort zone.


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Paula Goldman

EHU, Salesforce

Supporting our ethics.


Charles Meyers

CEO, Equinix

Creating actionable insights.


Susan Salka

CEO, AMN Healthcare

Keeping us healthy.


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Get the latest research on how to build AI ethics into your organization with a quick-start guide for executives.


James Rhee

Chairman & CEO, Ashley Stewart

Amplifying our impact. 


Frida Polli

CEO, pymetrics

Doing good.


Margaret Keane

CEO, Synchrony

Making work more fulfilling.


Krishnan Sridharan

Chief Growth Officer, Cigna Global Benefits

Changing the game. 


Anda Gansca

CEO, Knotch

Highlighting what makes us human. 


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