Turn every consumer into a

Press next to see how Salesforce is revolutionizing consumer
engagement, employee collaboration, and sales in the media industry.

The media industry is going through a
massive amount of change.

New entrants are winning the battle for attention. Use this Salesforce for Media overview
to see how you can go from being disrupted, to becoming the disruptor.

  • Step 1 Grow your audience
  • Step 2 Scale with intelligence
  • Step 3 Deliver faster time to value

Answer a few simple questions to learn how to turn
consumers into superfans with Salesforce.

1. Many content creators sell indirectly to audiences and are looking
to build a direct connection with their consumers. What’s
your biggest challenge to growing your audience?

2. Media companies possess tons of data — but much of that data is hitting
the floor. What’s getting in the way of activating that data to increase
sales and direct-to-consumer performance?

3. Breaking down silos isn’t easy. But it’s the only way to empower employees
to deliver more value. What are some challenges you
have to unlocking productivity?

Personalize, Monetize, and Innovate
in Media with Salesforce

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