Salesforce MVPs help millions of Trailblazers thrive by sharing their knowledge, leadership, and creativity within the Salesforce Community. Salesforce MVP status is awarded for a one-year period. Each following year, MVP status is reviewed and extended based on their current contributions. New MVP classes are welcomed two times per year, and anyone can nominate an MVP during the open nomination periods.
Expertise:  maintains a strong, current understanding of the Salesforce products and Salesforce Ohana
Generosity:   contributes openly and actively to help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem
Leadership:  consistently seeks opportunities to innovate and leave a path for others to follow
Advocacy:   advocates for Salesforce and our core values of trust, growth, innovation, and equality

The program rewards are all about helping MVPs be their best in their careers and the Salesforce community. Some examples of rewards include:

  • Access to premier support
  • MVP training and certification plan
  • Special briefings with Salesforce product and marketing teams
  • Access to Salesforce executives at exclusive MVP networking events
  • Frequent opportunities to contribute to Salesforce events and social content
  • Social: Read MVP-related blogs on the Salesforce blog and follow Salesforce MVPs on Twitter
  • Ideas and Answers: Check out IdeaExchange and Answers to engage with frequent MVP contributors.
  • Groups: Check out featured groups on the Success Community to find online and local groups that MVPs often lead or join as speakers.