Peering at Salesforce

Hi. We're Salesforce. Welcome to our Ohana. In Hawaiian culture, “Ohana” means family; it's the tie that binds people together. Our Ohana is built on four core values that inspire us to work together every day toward improving the world: Trust, Growth, Innovation and Equality.

At Salesforce, we're working to create a stronger, more connected world based on trust, growth, innovation, and equality.

Peer with us, and get the connectivity you need to help your company, and our global community, thrive.

To help our Ohana connect to Salesforce services more easily, we operate a robust, global interconnection program as AS 14340. Salesforce will generally partner with networks that wish to engage in an interconnect relationship, subject to the following technical and administrative criteria:

  • The peer network must interconnect with Salesforce in at least one location in each region where the partner operates significant infrastructure or services.
  • The peer network must interconnect with Salesforce in more than one location, unless it is a regional network that has limited geographic scope.
  • The peer network must not engage in abusive or illegal activity according to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the activity takes place.
  • The peer network should maintain a fully accurate PeeringDB entry.
  • The peer network should establish peering sessions with Salesforce at all IXPs to which Salesforce and the partner are mutually connected, subject to operational and capacity issues.
  • The peer network should not routinely congest its IXP capacity (flash events excepted).
  • The peer network must only advertise prefixes originated by itself and its transit customers.
  • The peer network must never point a route of last resort (default route) toward the Salesforce network.
  • The peer network should not, without Salesforce approval, engage in regional prefix deaggregation to influence routing exit-point decisions.
  • The peer network should engage in closest-exit (hot potato) routing.

Network operators who believe they meet the above criteria are invited to review our IXP presence and contact Salesforce using the information in PeeringDB.

Please note that Salesforce may terminate the interconnect relationship at any time, for any reason, with no prior notice (unless otherwise specified by an executed contract).



We communicate openly with our customers, and do what it takes to keep their data secure.


We’re obsessed with our customers’ success and take pride in their achievements.


We pursue ideas that could change our company, our country — and maybe even the world.


We respect and value employees from every background, and we thrive as a result.