Get the tools you need to create enhanced trust and security, integrate all your data, and work faster with Lightning.
Analytics consumers and producers can query their data faster and easier than ever with the new enhanced explorer experience. The new chart building UI helps build your charts with granular level control on different visual properties, while the new history and property navigation view make it simple to navigate your data exploration journey.
The new Lightning report builder is now available for everyone. The completely redesigned look focuses on the business user that needs access to their data in minutes. It hides complexity of report building from users and exposes them to simple and intuitive interface that are seamless with the Lightning Experience.
Create Einstein Discovery datasets faster and easier using an Einstein Analytics dataflow. These dataflows can gather data from Salesforce objects, replicated objects, or existing Einstein Analytics datasets.
Recipes are so great that everybody wants to create one. Until now, you needed the Edit Analytics Dataflows permission to work with recipes, and that’s not a permission that you want to give to just anybody. We introduced a new user permission that lets users create and edit recipes without giving them access to things that you don’t want them to touch, like dataflows and replication.
Visualize your data in more ways than ever before. Customize your charts with custom tooltips, chart markets, chart colors, and new animations. And also don't forget to check out brand-new graphs like the Time Bar and Combo charts.