Manage multiple brands and geographies quickly and easily. Save time by creating sorting rules once, then share them across multiple sites using Multi-Site Sharing.
Increase security and trust with the addition of Web Application Firewall (WAF) to the Commerce Cloud Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN). Protect customers against common code vulnerabilities, with visibility into security threats. Merchants can easily select security settings and see logs.
Efficiently change storefront images without a complex transformation service. Improve page load time, site reliability, and developer efficiency with Dynamic Imaging Service. Enhancements allow developers to crop, overlay, change the image, change quality and format, and resize static images based on query-string parameters.
Influence site traffic and revenue by ranking better in search engines. Get more audience engagement on your website with improved crawler support from search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements. It ensures search engines can access dynamic pages like category and product pages.
Provide internal security experts and customers with the confidence that sensitive data is secure and auditable. Extend our Shield Platform encryption to B2B commerce fields for meeting critical business and regulatory security policies.