Manage and store key material outside of Salesforce safely. Use the Cache-Only Key service to fetch your key material on demand.
Power real-time data synchronizations and business process orchestrations with Change Data Capture. This feature will deliver a high-fidelity, low-latency event stream of all record changes from your Salesforce org. Change Data Capture leverages the High Volume Platform Events infrastructure resulting in extreme scalability, common subscription APIs, and a 72-hour retention window.
Give your team the tools to use high-scale, event-driven architecture by defining and managing events on the Lightning Platform. With High Volume Platform Events, you can power real-time integration and connectivity between systems and features, thus driving a connected user experience.
Get real-time, push-based polling with change detection. Change the refresh model for remote data changes from a pull-based polling model to an event-driven publish model based on actual changes to external data.
Provide a seamless user login for My Domain customers. Give your admins greater control over how users identify by letting customers log in to Salesforce using a registered phone number or email address.
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