Get the tools you need to create enhanced trust and security, easily integrate data, build apps even faster, and more with new features from App Cloud.
Respond to business and employee interactions with Platform Events in near real time. Trigger workflows with Event Objects, a new object type that’s defined in the same way as custom objects and enables a fundamental change from database-centric operations to an event-driven approach.
Simplify Lightning development with Lightning Data Service, the standard controller that helps you load, create, edit, or delete a record in your component without requiring APEX or SOQL.
Get zero queue time, a beautiful UI, and a host of features with Heroku CI, the best out-of-the-box CI for Salesforce (SFDX) developers. Heroku outcompetes third-party CI solutions by including continuous integration for all Heroku's officially supported programming languages and a number of third-party buildpacks.
Extend the power and security of app-building on Heroku with Heroku Shield. Build apps with trust for regulated industries that must comply with strict regulations around customer data and privacy, such as managing your BAA for HIPAA compliance.
Seamlessly authenticate users of third-party web applications using their Salesforce credentials or a social provider with Identity Embedded Login. Easily customize and manage the user registration and authentication experience centrally from Salesforce.
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