Discover more personalized customer care, simplify engagement, and better target outreach. 
Give patients, members, and caregivers the tools to manage care from any device with Health Cloud Empower. These components give you the building blocks to embed Care Plan Selector, Care Plan Tasks, and the Care Team List into any mobile app. With insights in the palm of your hand, patients are more engaged on the path to better health.
Help patients with multiple, complex conditions receive more personalized care with Concurrent Care Plans. Now, you can assign patients to multiple care plans with different care teams, and even close out on shorter term care plans so you can report results. And with the ability to assign permissions, you can control who has access to sensitive patient data.
Take action on insights gathered through any dashboard with Integrated Patient Lists with Einstein Analytics. Once your analysis is performed, you can export your segmented patient lists into Health Cloud to deliver targeted outreach and ensure that patients get the care they need, follow up on a specific procedure, or send a reminder about an upcoming appointment.
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