Increase conversion by making it easy for shoppers to discover what they’re looking for. Einstein Search Recommendations personalizes type-ahead search guidance results, so customers are automatically guided to the most relevant products on your site.
Optimize search results by assigning sorting rules to your top-performing keywords.
Maximize your search engine ranking, improve organic traffic, and grow gross merchandise value with meta tag rules. Define meta tags with a rule-based approach to create unique meta tag content, and avoid duplicate or missing meta information on any given page. 
Maximize search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site with three enhancements to the Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemap framework. Developers can now choose which SEO-friendly URLs to include in their XML sitemap. With sitemap attributes at the folder level, merchants have more control over which folder URLs are included in the sitemap and submitted to search engines. 
Improve the relevancy of your search results to global shoppers with new language analyzer filters. In addition, the language analyzer is now available in four new languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Sorani Kurdish, Irish, and Hindi.