Create clearer dashboards with conditional formatting and pages. Users can set rules using measures and dimension values to format charts, tables, and number widgets.
Get out-of-the-box insights for your data with Analytics Templates. Choose your analytics from specific use cases, including Quoting Analytics, Analytics Adoption, Snapshot Analytics, Pipeline Trending Builder, Fundraising Analytics, and Change Analytics. 
Build reports faster and more easily directly in the Lightning Experience. Organize your reports by subfolders, and keep stakeholders and teams up to date by subscribing them to relevant dashboards. 
Get Einstein Discovery predictions and recommendations in real time. Einstein Discovery models are now natively retained within Salesforce’s trusted platform. This provides real-time predictions and recommendations by eliminating external calls, making it faster than ever for users to make critical business decisions.
With improved data imports scheduling, users have the ability to schedule and configure notifications separately for each data import.