Heroku Connect is now HIPAA compliant so you can sync sensitive data between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres database for HIPAA-regulated workloads.
Platform Encryption customers can opt in to the filter-preserving encryption scheme, powered by deterministic encryption techniques, to find case-sensitive, exact matches. Customers opt in on a field-by-field basis when they need the ability to filter and execute queries on fields with unique attributes, such as fields in custom indexes.
Simplify your Salesforce DX Apex development lifecycle by detecting and fixing bugs easily. The Apex Replay debugger lets you inspect your Apex execution using the debug logs you’re already familiar with, through an intuitive user interface inside VS Code. 
Get more detailed mobile push notifications, so you always know what’s going on in the field. Push notifications will now display more contextual information from the triggering event.
Get richer visibility into user behavior, Salesforce adoption, and custom application performance. With Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring, customers can keep tabs on events with log files for recent activity in hourly increments, in addition to daily event log files after 24 hours of activity. Hourly event logs provide customers quicker visibility into security anomalies, user adoption, and custom-code performance issues.