Improve productivity on Quip with Live Apps from AppExchange. Use relationship maps, diagrams, and project data from innovative companies like Altify, Lucidchart, and TaskRay to customize each Quip doc. Get seamless up-to-date information in each Quip doc with live data from your Live Apps.
Assign, track, and run projects in your Quip documents using this flexible project management app. Manage your team’s deliverables in the same place you work and collaborate.
Use the Calendar Live App to visualize a shared calendar and keep your team and projects aligned, so everyone knows what is happening and when.
Create dynamic, collaborative documents by bringing images into Quip. Take conference floor blueprints, UI sketches, and screenshots, crop them to fit just right, and use pinnable comments to spark a conversation anywhere in the image. 
Get instant clarity and transparency into any Quip doc with inline track changes. Click on any section of text in a Quip document and see who edited what and when.