Join, aggregate, cluster, detect anomalies, and predict missing values with the power of Einstein
Build models in Einstein Discovery, then embed your predictions into non-Salesforce, non-CRM systems you use, like ERPs, HCMs and custom applications.
Combine data from NetSuite and SAP Hana with any Salesforce data for further exploration and AI analysis.
Get insights faster with two new templates from Einstein. Prioritize deals in just a few clicks with AI. Discover model accuracy insights, drill down for fine tuning, and predict time to close.
Provide best-in-class customer experiences with templates for repeatable success. Support common processes like lead management for mortgage and onboarding for accounts.
Create AI models with confidence with built-in bias protection. Detect and flag any data points that could potentially result in flawed predictions.
When exploring your data, you can now declare AND as well as OR when defining filters.