Provide a unified experience to help policyholders and their families protect what they care about with the Insurance Innovation for Financial Services Cloud. Unlock a complete view of your KPIs and policyholders' policy information — including coverages, claims, and life events — with its new insurance data model, console app, and other out-of-the-box functionality.
Help customer service reps and agents manage everyday support requests across the banking and insurance industries, such as changing an address or reporting a claim. Easily integrate important data by connecting these customizable templates to back-end systems.
Create more personal, need-based customer engagements — across sales and service — by capturing and visualizing important life events like having a baby, changing jobs, or buying a home.
Save employees time by using CRM data to streamline and personalize the customer scheduling process in communities, custom websites, and apps. Help customers book appointments with prebuilt flows and a convenient, self-service scheduling interface.
The complete intelligence platform for financial services now extends into retail banking. Get AI-powered insights and analytics embedded right where you work — analyze customer deposits and loans, your referrals and activities, and even predict customer churn and account growth using out-of-the-box AI datasets.
Deliver consistent and compliant customer engagements in more processes — like onboarding financial accounts and resolving cases — with Action Plans, which now supports additional standard and custom objects.
Increase program adherence and improve patient outcomes with new enhanced program management. Easily enroll and manage patients to drive the maximum impact for your care programs.
Create a more connected authorization process for payers and providers using ANSI 278 transaction data via APIs. Electronically send prior authorizations and referrals while staying up-to-date on the status of each request.
Let health consumers schedule their own nonmedical appointments — like health education, wellness coaching, or reserving medical equipment resources — with care coordinators and professionals by using prebuilt flows and an easy-to-use scheduling interface embedded in your portals, websites, and apps.