Extend the power of Heroku to build apps for the enterprise — now equipped with new innovations in trust and compliance — including enhancements to Heroku Shield and Private Spaces. 
Drive your business forward with Einstein Prediction Builder. Give anyone the tools to make predictions about almost any field in Salesforce with just a few clicks, and use those insights to power a workflow, focus your efforts, and work smarter. 
Get the ability to declaratively deliver secure, passwordless login experiences to external users. Use one unified identity and profile to access Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community. 
Add an extra layer of security to your data with Shield Platform Encryption. You can encrypt the custom object fields referenced in matching rules, and change your encryption scheme through the metadata API. 
Search for the information you need faster, and drive collaboration in new ways with list views. Easily search within your list views to find records, then quickly take action on your Lightning components. 
Bring the code you love from Visualforce to Lightning Console Apps. Customers using Visualforce for standard buttons in Classic can continue to use that custom code in Lightning Console apps. 
Easily find the information you need with Quick Search. Search through reports, dashboards, and folders in list view, instead of relying on Global Search. 
Surface more data on screen for faster, more informed decision-making with a new compact view for Lightning UI. 
Reduce strain on your pages with Background Utilities. Use Background Utilities for integrations, monitoring, workspace tab limits, throw alerts, and more. 
Enjoy the Einstein Discovery experience into the Analytics UI. Now the full spectrum of analytics products is in one place, including shared datasets, enhanced story navigation, and regional servers.
Get enhanced sharing security based on core sharing rules you can customize for your team. 
Use even more of your data. Connect directly into Amazon S3 buckets on AWS by loading CSVs into Einstein Analytics. 
Easily expand your reports to see granular details without the need to modify or create separate versions. 
Get the most up-to-date information on the critical changes and milestones in your business. Now you can receive push notifications, as well as create and manage other notifications right from the mobile app.