Becoming a Customer-Centric CFO in the Digital Age

Howard Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, PagerDuty
Nghia (Doc) Hong Tran, Vice President, International Controller, Salesforce
Jess Bozzo, Content Manager, Argyle Executive Forum

Webcast Summary

Customer engagement and expectations are higher than ever. To adapt, new business models are emerging (or being thrust upon companies by new competitors). And companies who fail to embrace them will get left behind.

Many of these business models put the customer at the center and align the success of the customer to the success of the business. This strategy keeps customers engaged and delivers consistent, predictable revenue growth.

Embracing customer-centricity can be a game-changer in terms of achieving business results; however, business model transformation is complex. Join this webinar to hear from CFOs on how they’ve applied customer-centric concepts at their organizations. This webinar will discuss several topics, including:

  • How today’s customer has impacted the role of the CFO and what customer-centricity means for finance
  • The financial impact of optimizing the customer lifecycle
  • The metrics and KPIs that matter for measuring and supporting customer-centricity
  • The challenges of current systems and processes to accommodate new business models and the technology associated with putting the customer first

About the Speakers


Howard Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, PagerDuty

Leading the strategic and internal execution of the company, Howard Wilson serves as CFO at PagerDuty, where he’s responsible for building and leading the finance organization to support the company's scaling and growth. Previously, he served as PagerDuty’s Chief Commercial Officer responsible for providing ongoing customer value and leading efforts that empowered people and decision-making. Howard brings more than 20 years of software, services, and operational management experience to his role with PagerDuty.

Prior to PagerDuty, Howard oversaw the SaaS business at Dynatrace, the leader in Application Performance Management. He was previously Chief Operating Officer at Keynote Systems, where he was responsible for all customer-facing operations. Howard also served as Senior Vice President of Field Operations at Ventyx, where he was responsible for a broad portfolio of functions, including business planning, sales operations, and recurring revenue operations. Prior to Ventyx, he spent 14 years at Oracle in various senior leadership roles.

Howard holds a B.S. in Information Systems and Psychology from University of South Africa.


Nghia (Doc) Hong Tran, Vice President, International Controller, Salesforce

Doc serves as the Vice President and International Controller for In this capacity, he manages accounting operations for more than 50 legal entities outside of the U.S. and Canada. He also leads the Controller's Transformation Team, where he implements process and system enhancements as well as developing applications on the Salesforce platform. Doc joined 13 years ago and in that time has served in nearly every role in the controller's organization. Prior to joining Salesforce, he was with Cisco Systems, where he served in the company's captive leasing organization in San Jose. He also served as the Southern European Controller based in Amsterdam and as the APAC Controller based in Singapore. He also worked at Arthur Andersen LLP, where he was based at its Washington D.C. office, and focused on financial services and commercial real estate.

About the Moderator


Jess Bozzo, Content Manager, Argyle Executive Forum

Jess is the Content Manager for Argyle Executive Forum’s growing CFO virtual division. In her current role, Jess is responsible for the creation and implementation of virtual event themes, overviews, and working with speakers and partners to create engaging and timely content. Prior to joining Argyle, Jess got her start in audience development and marketing with NewBay Media. A graduate of Gettysburg College, and a New Jersey native, Jess currently resides in Hoboken.

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