The most successful sales teams know where they want to go and how to stay on course. They focus on just a few sales metrics and agree that everyone will follow them. At Salesforce, those guideposts are ACV (annual contract value) and pipeline. What numbers do your team follow most closely? Here are five steps to help you go further with metrics. 
Sales data can guide you to sustained sales success, if you know how to separate the insights from the noise. Dashboards are the fastest and easiest way to slice and dice your sales data. But where do you start? These valuable dashboards have proven themselves as guides and resources over and over. 

Dashboards can pave the way for selling teams by highlighting examples of what top-performing reps do to be successful. Maybe a salesperson sees that the top-performing rep on their team is also consistently driving the highest amount of executive interactions. The rep who observes that correlation may well then choose to model that behavior.”

Adam Gilberd | SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

At Palace Sports & Entertainment, home of the Detroit Pistons and several outdoor venues, we know the importance of strong, consistent relationships with season ticket holders and other customers. So we chose Salesforce to manage our entire ticket sales process, customer service, and renewals.

By customizing Salesforce and connecting it to additional apps, we give reps everything they need to do their jobs without leaving Salesforce. Reps love the productivity boost from the seamless, end-to-end experience.

Encouraging fun competition by getting creative with how we use metrics has really had a positive impact on our sales team.

Measuring the right things powers our businesses, but you also have to think about what powers our reps. By finding out what that is — and using it — you’ll find yourself with happier reps, higher Salesforce adoption, and more closed deals. Our business is entertainment, so making everything fun and engaging is part of our DNA, but no matter what your business is, you can make using Salesforce and closing deals something that your reps want to do.

Get even more from your sales data with these expert guides, resources, and paths to learning. 
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