Trailblazer Guide for Sales

Optimize every selling day.

Welcome to the third in a three-part series of guides to help you get more from Salesforce. In this guide, you'll learn how to raise rep productivity, tap into the power of mobile apps, and guide your team to hit their numbers over and over.


Make these 6 moves to reach a new productive peak.

Each new day is a bold opportunity, especially if your team can skip the admin work and spend more time with customers. You can accomplish this and more by tapping into parts of Salesforce you have access to but may not be using. Consider automating sales tasks and create faster pathways from lead to cash faster. Then embrace breakthrough mobility solutions and email integration. Now your reps are ready to bounce out of bed each morning and crush quota. 

Take a fresh look at the mobile app.

Salesforce for iOS and Android is your key to productivity, whether your team is in the office, on an airplane, or checking in from a coffee shop. Everyone can access all their CRM data, existing customizations, and breakthrough productivity tools. 

Tap into sales insights anywhere.


Trailblazer Sales Tip

We need to make it easier for reps by having them focus on answering questions like this: What accounts should I work on next? What calls should I make next? What piece of research should I put in front of my client next through these nurture campaigns and other things that we do? Build a point of view with your sales team and do it quickly.”

Tony Rodoni | EVP, Commercial Sales and Market Readiness, Salesforce

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Jump on the path to productivity with these expert guides, resources, and paths to learning. 






Success Journey

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