Sell without boundaries in 3 steps. But first, see how AMEX did it.

Mastering sales metrics, raising productivity, and transforming the ways you sell — American Express did it all with Salesforce. Now this page is your guide to blazing your own trail.

[With Salesforce] the productivity of our field is high double digits.”

Greg Keeley, EVP, Global Corporate Payments

sales metrics

Step 1: Size up sales and get on the path to success.

To get to the top, you have to know the lay of the land. Assess your sales capacity now by getting a handle of these five essential metrics.
Discover the four CRM Dashboards every sales leader needs.
Identify the top activities that high-velocity sales teams measure.
11 years and counting: Gartner names Salesforce a Leader in SFA once more.
Modern sales teams continue to struggle with variability in their forecasts. Here’s how to clear that up.
Explore new ways to reach leads and prospects wherever they are in real time. 

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Get a handle on these 5 essential metrics.


Sales productivity

Step 2: Outfit your team to take productivity through the roof.

Sell faster and remove barriers to closing. Enable real-time collaboration between reps in the field and teams in the office. With one record, every team is set up to win.
Find out new ways to use mobile and connected email boost seller ability.
Harness the power of automation to turn the corner on sales performance.
Speed through the last mile of every deal with an automated CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution.
Give reps the power to be their own marketers and make the most of every lead.
Get what you need from marketing to sell faster. Start by speaking their language.

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Productivity takes off. Follow 4 steps to help your reps sell faster.

Empower your partner community and account managers to help close new deals
Customer needs evolve at light speed. Are you keeping pace?
Don't get trapped by your tools. Sell the way you want at the speed you need. 

Discover how Amazon Web Services takes customer happiness to new heights.

It’s not just a CRM system. It’s a platform that we can use to build all the functionality that we need.”

Ariel Kelman, CMO


Step 3: Transform sales — and your relationship with customers.

Find out how AI, connected data, and supremely customizable CRM can transform your sales organization into a team that can't be stopped.
Reach an understanding of artificial intelligence and how it makes sales teams smarter.
Selling in the Age of the Customer is different. Learn how connect in a whole new way.
Mitsubishi Electric went from decentralized teams to a unified sales machine. Learn how.
Reps are on the hunt for new ways to work smarter, not just harder. This is their happy hunting ground.

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Transform your sales org. Learn three ways to better connect with today’s buyers.



Salesforce is the powerful for future acquisitions. Now instead of 24, 25, or 26 sales teams, we'll have one common sales platform going forward.”

Tom Kerscher, Chief Sales Officer of Dynacast

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