Salesforce and Snowflake announce easy and secure data sharing

Bring Your Own Lake Data Sharing enables Salesforce customers to power their Snowflake workloads with valuable customer data and insights from Data Cloud.

Data Cloud, the first real-time platform that helps you save money, save time, and grow revenue.

The expanded partnership between Salesforce and Snowflake helps companies:

  • Share data in real time between Salesforce and Snowflake
  • Enrich customer data platform profiles for deep customization
  • Unify analytics across data platforms for faster insights
  • Visualize data from both Salesforce and Snowflake in Tableau

Products powered by this partnership include:

Break down data silos and share seamlessly between platforms with Salesforce Data Cloud and access live data from Snowflake via Tableau.

Watch Salesforce Data Cloud and Snowflake in action

Watch this on-demand recording featuring our “Bring Your Own Lake” feature which helps enable the need to seamlessly combine customer data from Salesforce with data in Snowflake.

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