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Learn Quickly

Guided learning paths to make adoption fun.

Discover bite-sized, self-paced learning trails for every kind of user, including developers, reps, and more.
Sales Rep
Learn how to sell faster and close more deals: Sell Lighting fast with Sales Cloud.
Learn how to build apps fast: Develop for Lighting Experience
Encourage every employee to adopt Salesforce: Track Trailhead participation.
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Get Guidance

Get the most out of Salesforce with Success Plans

Salesforce Success Plans provide the guidance, support, and training you need to reach your goals. Here are a few ways we can help you succeed:
Start Quickly with the Right Resources
Learn everything from the basics of Salesforce to how to optimize your implementation at our online Getting Started hub.
Get Insights from Your Peers
Join our Circles of Success for high-energy discussions about top business challenges. You’ll get valuable advice from Salesforce experts and other customers.
Get Up and Running Faster Than Ever
Use expert guidance and Salesforce Jump Start to supercharge your implemenation.
Go Deeper with Guidance and Support
Technical Account Managers (TAMs) can provide ongoing technical guidance, early access to new features, and support with testing and deployment.
Get on a faster path to results with Success Cloud

Join the Community

Tap Into the Knowledge of the Trailblazer Community

Connect with Salesforce community members to learn and get inspired across all our products and solutions.
Small Business
Join the conversation to learn more about growing your business, and how Salesforce can help.
Ask questions and get tips from other customers and Salesforce experts in our Trailblazer Community.
B2B Marketing
Learn and collaborate with members about Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and its integration with Salesforce CRM.
Customer Service
Tap into articles and discussions around the Service Cloud platform and added service solutions.
Learn, connect, and grow with your fellow Trailblazers

Start Growing

Build your business on the platform that's built for success.

Unify Sales, Service, and Marketing to fast-track your business for success.
Get more out of Sales Cloud
Follow these best practices to so your team can be productive every day
Nurture your Leads
Make the most of your B2B marketing efforts with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Lighting App.
Build Customer Loyalty
Optimize your customer support with omni-channel tools and an intelligent service platform.
Grow your business with these helpful resources and guides.

Ignite Productivity

Work smarter with free AppExchange apps.

AppExchange is an ecosystem of more than 3,000 business apps that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. Check out a few free apps that can help you grow your business.
Make Learning Salesforce Fun
Empower your employees to learn Salesforce with this free app guide.
Fuel Competitive Sales
Use the Clean Your Room! dashboard to encourage your sales reps by displaying deals that have been pushed, have no recent activity, or are missing data.
Maximize Your Resources
Boost your lead generation and deflect more cases with Einstein Bots.
Turbocharge Onboarding
Boost your lead generation and deflect more cases with Einstein Bots.
Discover more than 5,000 solutions to help you extend Salesforce

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