Salesforce Celebrates the success of women leaders

Join us here to celebrate the growing trailblazing community of Women Who Redefine. Meet and get inspired by these women leaders and hear firsthand how they’re changing the way we think about work, life, technology, and business in our ongoing webinar series.

Salesforce & Equality

Building a workplace that works for everyone

We believe that businesses are powerful platforms for social change, and that it’s our responsibility to further equality for all. Creating a culture of equality empowers us to innovate, build deeper connections with our customers, and most importantly, become a better company.

See what Salesforce is doing to build equality and accelerate representation in our workplace.


Winning Webinars


On Demand

Celebrating Women Who Redefine their Careers through Perseverance

Learn how 4 phenomenal leaders persisted through career challenges and created change for equality in their organizations. Get the scoop on how these women challenged the status quo, balanced their work life, and created a community where women could thrive.


High-Impact Mentoring: Why You Need It, How to Do It

True mentorship accelerates careers and changes lives. Hear our Women Who Redefine panelists’ personal take on the importance of mentoring, the keys to a thriving mentor-mentee relationship, and how to establish your own board of directors.


Celebrating Women Who Redefine the Future of Business

Hear from Jodi Patkin (theSkimm), Karla Martin (Deloitte), Ailinh Hoang-Kim (Torani), and Shalaya Shipman (Salesforce) about how they’re driving success in their organizations, and get inspired about building a better workplace for everyone.


Secrets to Goal Setting for Women Leaders

Successful goal setting can be the difference between a good career and a great one. Hear PepTalkHer’s Meggie Palmer discuss best practices with “goal getter” executives Nabiha Syed (The Markup) and Emma Chalwin (Salesforce).

Hear From These Inspirational Voices

These women are leading the charge for change. Hear how they are redefining their roles.

SMB Women Leaders Speak Up


“We can make intentional efforts to find emerging female leaders and help them succeed. All professionals have to do the work to identify their strengths and gaps.”

Stephanie Neale CEO, Blind Zebra


“Create opportunities, don’t wait for them. Develop a network of mentors and sponsors. Be a platform for change and to help others.”

Lydia Flocchini CMO, SurePoint


“I’ve learned to hire people I trust. And, I’m working on identifying when I need to step away and do something for myself.”

Jodi Cachey VP of Content Strategy and Growth Marketing, Mediafly


Women in the Spotlight



Fantastic Leaders Offer Advice in Honor of International Women's Day

Get the inside scoop on how these women leaders overcome challenges, support their communities, and stay inspired.


Explore how women SMB leaders changed the way they work during the pandemic, met unique challenges, and evolved their use of technology with this interactive dashboard.


Join the Women in Tech Trailblazer Community

Are you a woman in tech working with Salesforce? Join this Trailblazer community for female-friendly social events and discussions. Ask questions about Salesforce, careers, and life – and be assured you will receive respectful answers. (They've been going strong since 2010 and love to see new members!)

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