Thanks to our trailblazing customers, we’re #1 in
Sales Applications.

Sales Cloud has helped customers build pipeline, close more deals, and boost revenues for more than 20 years. Our continual innovations and upgrades put the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence with Salesforce Einstein, in the hands of every sales rep.

Putting customers first is our mission, and that’s led to a lot of other firsts.


Salesforce is #1 in Customer Service Applications.

Service Cloud helps companies lead the way in customer service with the tools to keep customers happy and create amazing customer experiences at any touchpoint. Our flexible and extendable platform for customer service puts organizations on the path to higher customer satisfaction with innovations like AI, in-app help, and easy-to-use customization tools.

Salesforce is #1 in Marketing Applications.

Marketing Cloud helps companies create personalized customer journeys at every touchpoint. And that’s helped put us on an amazing trajectory with our customers. Discover how marketers can build and manage amazing experiences across every channel — from email campaigns at scale, to text messaging, social experiences, digital ads, content, and more.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM.

More than 150,000 customers trust Salesforce to help drive results for sales, service, and marketing. We measure our success by their success every day. Discover why they've chosen us for yourself. And blaze your own trail up and to the right.

Explore 9 reasons Salesforce takes CRM to a whole new level for you.

Customer Success
We help businesses of any size, in any industry, anywhere, chart a course to success every day.
Leading in the Cloud
Born and raised cloud, we are the world’s most trusted cloud platform — which means you can focus on business, not infrastructure.
CRM Innovation
We reinvented CRM 18 years ago. Today, innovations like artificial intelligence help everyone connect with customers in a whole new way.
Our success is measured by your success. And everything we do is built on the idea that together, we move forward.
A Unified View of the Customer
Salesforce brings all your customer data — even legacy data — together to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer across your entire business.
Upgrades 3x a Year
Since you always have the most up-to-date version of Salesforce, customizations and partner apps just continue to work.
App Ecosystem
Extend the power of Salesforce with over 3,000 preintegrated, ready-to-go business apps from AppExchange.
Run your business from your phone with the Salesforce1 Mobile App. And our mobile-first platform means every app you build is ready to go.
A Learning Platform
Increase adoption with Trailhead, a free learning platform designed to build skills for selling better, creating apps, and more.

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