Connected cities, connect people.

Salesforce is partnering with administrations to connect the most valued services and departments to citizens when needed most.

Learn how connected cities are using Salesforce products to deliver on citizen expectations, build trust, and disrupt old ways of interacting with local services.


Understand the trends impacting your organization.
Technology and social trends are colliding, creating citizens who are used to being treated as customers in more aspects of their lives — including services typically associated with the public sector.

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City of Philadelphia turns latest trends into opportunity

City of Philadelphia turns latest trends into opportunity
The City of Philadelphia shared how they harnessed new technology in order to adapt to new citizen needs and modernize their government at the Innovation Summit, hosted by Salesforce.

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Ready for a deep dive?

Ready for a deep dive?
Philly is following up with a blueprint on how they used our Connected City Services Solution to empower citizens and increase administrative effectiveness. Tune in to get more detail on their strategy, decision criteria, implementation process, and more.

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Building Blocks Behind the Solution

Salesforce gives state and local governments a modern, innovative approach to service delivery — one typically only associated with the private sector. Salesforce applies a proven, template-style approach that has implements modern best practices in a turnkey, cloud based applications that enable city- and state-wide transformation.
Connected City Services Solution Built with:

Connected State/City Services Solution, Built with Community Cloud

Community Cloud
We integrated Community Cloud into the solution to (1) help connect citizens to each other and (2) provide an always-on platform to make it easier for citizens to engage government services.

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Connected State/City Services Solution, Built with Service Cloud

Service Cloud
The Connected City Services solution builds on the industry-leading Service Cloud to apply a proven, template-style approach to managing citizen inquiries, helping you build a more scalable and more efficient administration, without requiring additional resources.

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Connected State/City Services Solution Built with Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud builds citizen relationship management efforts into the solution. Capture the likelihood that a citizen shares a positive experience. Measure how well community priorities are met. Articulate the impact on quality of life by determining the level of pride shared among the community.

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