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Success Services: Training, Certification, Support, and Consulting Programs

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Success Theater materials

Check out all the materials presented in the Success Theater during Salesforce Connections 2015. You’ll learn best practices and adoption strategies that help get the biggest ROI from your Salesforce tools.

  •  Social Media Measurement Hits Prime Time
    Adam Brown, Salesforce Executive Strategist, discusses the importance of social media measurement. He also shares five tips on measuring and demonstrating the value of social media, which you can easily replicate in your organization.

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  •  How Salesforce Uses Journey Builder to Onboard Customers
    Find out how Salesforce leverages Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud to guide new customers through the process of getting up and running quickly. We also cover how Journey Builder’s integration with provides visibility and triggers automated notifications to internal teams about a customer’s progress in the journey.

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  •  Customer Re-engagement: Best Practices and Examples
    Want to re-engage customers and keep them coming back? Before you kick off your next campaign, arm yourself with best practices and learn to build action plans to re-engage customers — even ones who don’t interact with your company as much as you would like.

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  •  Driving Campaign Relevancy with Accelerators
    As marketers, we know that the best-performing campaigns are those that target the right people, with the right content, at the right time. Learn how customers across different verticals leveraged Accelerators to improve the relevancy of their campaigns with data, segmentation, and enhanced reporting.

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  •  How to Improve Internal Compliance
    Journey Builder is a powerful tool for creating personalized customer journeys, but it’s equally valuable for automating and personalizing internal campaigns for your employees. Learn how Salesforce uses Audience Builder and Journey Builder to ensure compliance with corporate password management.

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  •  Being Authentically Mobile
    Are you leveraging the power of mobile to combine data, context, and external influences to provide mission-critical updates to your stakeholders through all relevant channels? Learn how we use Chatter, SMS in Marketing Cloud, and push messaging in the Salesforce1 Mobile App to drive communications and encourage action.

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  •  Supercharge Marketing Campaigns with AppExchange
    Get even more value out of your marketing efforts with over 250 marketing apps from AppExchange. Learn how marketing experts increase lead quality and flow, track campaign progress, and streamline marketing operations. You’ll walk away with real-world knowledge and a list of top marketing apps (both free and paid) that you can easily deploy with just a few clicks.

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Circles of Success materials

Circles of Success are small group discussions moderated by Salesforce experts. These popular sessions are consultative in nature and give you a chance to discuss your top business challenges. Download the Circles of Success materials presented during Salesforce Connections 2015 here — and register for an upcoming session today!


  •  The Art and Science: Taking a Journey-Focused Approach to Digital Marketing
    Journey-led transformations deliver impact across many key business metrics: more revenue, happier customers, at a lower cost. Our senior business consultant for Marketing Cloud explores how your campaigns can have an even more significant business impact when you align your goals with the customer experience.

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  •  Integrating Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
    Email marketing programs are even more powerful when you combine them with rich CRM data. This discussion looks at the advantages of ESP- or CRM-centric approaches, the challenges of data management, and the benefits of integration beyond email. We also examine Marketing Cloud Connector, our out-of-the-box integration solution.

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  •  Social Media and CRM: Challenges and Opportunities
    Social channels are increasingly important for customer service. But with the proliferation of new social channels come challenges for service professionals: identifying customers, handling and automating increasing volumes, and training agents on new and different channels. This discussion addresses these challenges and how to solve them with social customer service features in Service Cloud.

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Learn more about new Salesforce Accelerators.

This free webinar, “Introducing Salesforce Accelerators,” is the fastest way to get to know Accelerators. We’ll explain how to use Accelerators to achieve your business goals, and how to best engage with Salesforce specialists to get the results you want.