Ways to use Chatter.

There are hundreds of ways to use Chatter. Here are some examples to help you see how you can use it at your company.


Business collaboration

  • Share your work and ideas.

    “I posted a creative proof before we went to print and learned the customer quote wasn’t approved. Salesforce Chatter saved the day.”

  • Get help from unexpected places.

    “I asked my team for feedback on our newest product. The best suggestions came from someone I’d never met in another department.”

  • Privately collaborate on sensitive projects.

    “I’m on our products team and a lot of our discussions are confidential. We use a Salesforce Chatter group to collaborate privately and securely.”

  • Improve company culture.

    “We post all of our ideas and propose process improvements to a group we call ‘Suggestion Box.’”

  • Use Chatter as an employee directory.

    “I was headed to a customer meeting and had never met the presenter from our marketing team. I looked him up on Salesforce Chatter so I could pick him out of the group.”



  • Collaborate on sales presentations.

    “I used to waste a lot of time preparing for customer meetings. Now, I can get quick feedback on the presentation from my colleagues on Chatter.”

  • Collaborate on sales deals.

    “As a sales manager, Salesforce Chatter brings me closer to my team’s deals. I stay on top of progress and challenges so I know where I can help close business.”

  • Ask questions, get instant answers.

    “In five minutes, colleagues I’ve never met answered my questions and helped me close a deal.”

  • Find a competitive expert.

    “I wasn’t sure how our product compared with the competition. In minutes, I had more ammo than the competitor could withstand, and we won the deal.”

  • Find customer references.

    “I was on the phone with a prospect and needed a customer reference immediately. I had my answer before the end of the call.”


Customer service

  • Unite global support teams.

    “An outsourced Tier 1 rep had a difficult case so she posed the question to her Salesforce Chatter Support Skills group and was able to quickly collaborate with a Tier 2 member on my team who has a similar case.”

  • Collaborate for customer success.

    “I was working with a customer on using our tools more effectively. The sales team saw my status update and was able to renew their contract early with additional licenses.”

  • Get feedback to product development.

    “Front-line customer service teams tell R&D exactly what the field is saying. Our product team is now releasing features that customers want, just as they realize they want them.”

  • Escalate cases for immediate help.

    “When I change a case to ‘critical’ status, the right people see it on Salesforce Chatter and swarm to respond.”

  • Keep track of customer support cases.

    “I’m in sales, but I follow my customers’ support cases to make sure they’re happy.”



  • Collaborate on campaigns.

    “My team stays on top of our marketing events. Everyone is alerted to important information, like a change in the campaign start date.”

  • Educate employees on company news.

    “The PR team posts all of our press clips on Salesforce Chatter so employees keep up with the most current company news.”

  • Test creative concepts.

    “I post advertising comps to Salesforce Chatter and use fellow employees as a first-round focus group.”

  • Share new marketing materials.

    “I post new customer references to the References group so the right people know about them right away.”

  • Share files with ease.

    “Sharing files with Salesforce Chatter saves me so much time. No more email error messages when a file is too big to send.”



  • Catch time-sensitive information.

    “I was about to walk into a meeting with a customer when I saw that someone posted a new price sheet to Chatter. I quickly revised my quote and avoided an awkward situation.”

  • Track sales opportunities.

    “As a sales manager, I’m always on the road. With Chatter on my mobile device, I can check on our key deals whenever I have a free moment.”

  • Share your location.

    “When I’m traveling, I can check in using Chatter Mobile to let others know where I am and which customers I’m meeting with.”

  • Share photos.

    “Whenever I see something useful, like a great creative concept, I snap a photo and use Chatter Mobile to share it with my co-workers.”

  • Deliver presentations from your iPad.

    “I was en route to a customer meeting when my team at the office made a change to my presentation. They uploaded it to Chatter and I gave the presentation on my iPad.”

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