Who is Kapow Events?
Since 2012, Kapow Events has been providing companies of all sizes with an easy way to put on events. Offering multiple packages and individual event services, Kapow Events’ online service acts as a matchmaker, joining those looking to throw memorable events for clients or employees, with venues and event experts. Based in Chicago, Kapow now serves multiple major cities, coast-to-coast.
Kapow Events lights the fuse for huge growth with Salesforce.

Anyone who's been tasked with throwing a corporate event for clients knows that a party can actually be serious business. Recognizing the need for a more stress-free way to show people a good time, Kapow Events created the first online marketplace for event planning. The good times started rolling quickly after their 2012 launch, and the three growth-minded founders had their own big plan: to take the Kapow Events party nationwide. But they knew they'd need some help.

Because of experiences at past jobs, there was no doubt in the founders' minds where Kapow Events would get that help: Salesforce. In fact, they were already using a very basic version of the CRM solution, but the time had come for the fast-growing company to harnass more of the power Salesforce had to offer.

Kapow Events first implemented Salesforce to manage client and account information, but quickly expanded and began using Sales Cloud to automate and standardize their sales processes. Not only are reps now saving time once used on manual entry, they're using it more efficiently. By tracking all sales and service correspondences, Kapow Events can ensure that everyone is getting the right amount of attention, and the right kind, based on previous interactions. With access to the right information team members across the entire company are now able to build stronger relationships with both their party planning customers, and party creating vendors and venue partners.

Kapow Events is also using Salesforce to find and reach out to leads — particularly valuable given their often hard-to-find clients, which could literally be anyone within a company. They use Data.com to tap into a database of millions of up-to-date business contacts, which they can filter and import directly into Salesforce as leads. And Pardot lets Kapow Events create and automate their online marketing efforts.

Additionally, Salesforce is now the backbone of Kapow Events' internal business analytics and reporting. Though Salesforce is ready to use out of the box, Kapow has taken advantage of Salesforce's flexibility, customizing it to track demand, conversions, margins, and other metrics in a way that's optimized for their unique business model.

While pulling off the perfect, memorable corporate event will never be stress-free, with help from Salesforce, Kapow Events' service is giving planners plenty to celebrate.

  • - Hadn't yet upgraded to a more robust version of Salesforce
  • - Complex, two-tiered customer relationship management with both customers and vendors
  • - Target market, who could be anyone within a company, was hard to reach
  • - Launched Salesforce to manage venue partnerships and clients
  • - Added Data.com and Pardot for prospecting and marketing email automation
  • - Able to track customer interaction
  • - Finding and handling more leads
  • - Making more results-driven decisions
  • - 90% of reporting is done through Salesforce -Salesforce easily scaling to company's needs
  • - Salesforce is easily scaling to company's needs
Apps/Products Used
  • - Sales Cloud
  • - Data.com
  • - Pardot
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