Give your agents access to the type of deep customer insights that turn every service interactions into an amazing experience.

介绍解锁客户服务数据的应用程序 。


在本地集成 Service Cloud 意味着您可以在仪表盘中立即填充相关服务数据,将它们嵌入 Lightning Service Console,让您的客服人员可以做出更明智的决策。 立即启动并运行,更快地获得 ROI,享受 Salesforce 始终一贯的速度、范围和安全性。

现在服务经理可以在一个位置查看重要的关键绩效指标 (KPI),如客户满意度 (CSAT)、平均处理时间以及首次呼叫解决方案,从而培养最佳团队并增强渠道优化。

借助 Service Wave,代理和经理可在任意设备上从洞察点打开和关闭案例,不需要在断开的分析工具之间进行切换。 这样可以迅速创建任务、更新记录并协作,更快地提供解决方案,让客户更满意。

Help your agents make more informed decisions by populating your Lightning Service Console dashboards with Service Cloud data. Get up and running right away for quicker ROI, with the same speed, scale, and security you already count on from Salesforce.
Deliver personalized service with predictive CSAT based on existing Salesforce data and trends. Every employee can stay ahead of business concerns by identifying product issues, customer issues, and churn risks with predictive insights. And reps resolve issues faster with predictive case fields and recommendations for the next best actions.
Resolve cases faster for happier customers with Service Analytics. Let agents and managers open and close cases from the point of insight, create tasks, update records, and collaborate on any device — all without shifting between disconnected analytics tools.
了解Salesforce如何变革客户服务的最好方法是亲自使用。您可免费试用Service Cloud来加强您对我们客户服务系统的了解,还可以加入Success Community,从其他用户的评价中了解Success Community将如何帮助您发展业务。