Boomerang Spotlight -
Elisa Bozzo

by Theresa Ludvigson & T.J. Vilardi

"...There is No Other Company Out There Like Salesforce”

Meet #SalesforceBoomerang and current Regional Vice President of Growth Business, Elisa Bozzo. Collectively, Elisa has been at Salesforce for over 11 and half years. Why did she leave? What made her come back? Find out in our next Boomerang Spotlight!

Salesforce Part 1

Elisa got her start in sales in 2005 while working in the travel industry helping educational groups book travel abroad. By 2008, she was being recruited to Salesforce after being referred by mutual friends. Curiosity got to her and Elisa decided to take an interview with Salesforce for a role as a Sales Development Representative. Elisa told us, “I absolutely loved everything about the interview process. I had already heard a lot of amazing things from people in my network about the company but the interview process really solidified everything.” After a successful interview, Elisa accepted her offer and started at Salesforce in October of 2008. “The onboarding process was also very impressive. I got to travel to San Francisco for my onboarding and ended up staying there for 10 days...and even squeezed in a trip to Napa! I met so many incredible people throughout the week and knew I made the right choice,” said Elisa. For the next 7+ years, Elisa would climb the corporate sales ladder taking on new roles as a Business Development Representative, then moving to an Account Executive role helping customers in the emerging small business space, small to medium business space, and finally in the mid-market space. 

Around her 7 year anniversary with Salesforce, Elisa told us, “I started to get an itch for what was next. What will be the next chapter in my career?” After trying to figure that out, Elisa received an opportunity to work at Facebook Canada. “Facebook is a great logo and brand to have on the resume and I felt it was the appropriate time to see what else was out there,” said Elisa.

The In Between

Elisa would remain at Facebook for just over a year. There she was an Account Manager helping current Facebook customers with their advertisements on the platform. She told us, “I really enjoyed my time at Facebook and it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself." However, she started to miss the technology she worked with everyday for over 7 years. "At Salesforce, we drink our own champagne — meaning we use our own technology internally to be successful. When you go from using the Salesforce platform everyday to something different outside of the company, it certainly takes time to adjust," said Elisa.

While at Facebook, Elisa kept in close contact with her former colleagues at Salesforce. She told us, “I had a normal cadence of discussions with a couple of my VPs from Salesforce. Dave Borrelli, current SVP Global Sales for Salesforce Maps, and Tony Rodoni, current EVP of Customer Experience, were two of those VPs. These conversations I kept having allowed me to see that there was still a place for me to come back to at Salesforce.” Elisa continued, “That’s my biggest pieces of advice for current Salesforce Alumni out there. Don’t burn bridges when you leave. Make sure to always keep the door open and keep the conversations going. The moment I knew I wanted to leave Facebook, Salesforce was the obvious choice for me.

Salesforce Part 2

In 2017, Elisa became a #SalesforceBoomerang and made her official return. She left the company as a mid-market Account Executive in 2015 and upon her return she took a similar role covering the Toronto territory. Since then, she has been promoted twice and is currently the Regional Vice President for Growth Business where her team covers parts of the Central United States region. 

We asked Elisa what excites her most about being a #SalesforceBoomerang. She told us, “The perspective that you bring back to the company as a Boomerang is really unique. At Salesforce, we are in this bubble of efficiency. It is very easy to get used to the things we have here at the company and then when you leave and see a lot of other companies don’t have anything close to what we have, it really opens your eyes.” Elisa continued, “If sales is one of your top passions, then Salesforce is the best place you can be.”

Although Elisa was only gone for 13 short months, she was still surprised by all that changed at Salesforce during her time away. “It shouldn’t have surprised me but it still did. And that is our growth as a company. When I started in Toronto in 2008 there were around 200 employees in Canada. Today, there are now over 1,500 employees. Also, looking at the team I am managing now, and seeing them in the same role I held previously years ago, the amount of resources we provide to our Account Executives is amazing. We really invest in them as people and as employees and it shows every single day.” said Elisa.

Giving Back and Wellbeing

Elisa was very honest with us and said that, “Admittedly, I wasn’t big on community involvement and giving back before I joined Salesforce. Obviously, at Salesforce you get exposed to it during your first week at the company and then every week after that.” One of the things that allowed her to become more passionate about giving back was the family aspect that Salesforce encourages. “I love that Salesforce encourages our own families to get involved in it as well. It allows your family to see the impact Salesforce has on local communities. Events like Light The Night really inspired me. People brought their families to participate and you could see how the numbers started multiplying,” said Elisa.

While at Facebook, Elisa signed up to be a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto program. She told us, “I started to miss the constant volunteering I had come to know at Salesforce and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved. As soon as I made the move back to Salesforce, I was matched with my little. When we started this relationship she was 15 or 16 at the time. Now she is 19 and is considered too old for the program but we still keep in touch regularly. It has turned into a lifelong relationship that I really cherish.” She continued, “I think in a lot of ways she has taught me and given me more than I could ever give to her.”

As for Elisa’s wellbeing during this new pandemic world, she told us, “My family and I try to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the fresh air. Given work and home is now integrated, I no longer have my normal 9-to-5 schedule at my desk. I try to allow for flexibility in my schedule everyday to go make lunch for myself and my kids or just take a quick break if I need it. The other thing I am trying to incorporate into my daily routine is walking meetings to get my steps in everyday.”

Elisa, her husband, and their two children!

Advice for Alumni

If Elisa could talk to current #SalesforceAlumni interested in boomeranging back to Salesforce, what advice would she give? She told us, “Keeping the connections and the door open is paramount. Really use your time away from Salesforce for some self-reflection. What motivates you? What drives you to be happy at work? If you don’t feel like you are making enough of an impact or if you are not being fulfilled then be honest with yourself. If you were getting that from Salesforce then it’s time to seriously consider coming back.”

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